Barbecue Safety Information

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Barbecue Safety Tips

  • A safety check should be performed for leaks by spreading an equal part soap and water mixture over all
    connections, hoses and the propane cylinder head. If bubbles appear there is a leak present. If a leak is found be sure to have a trained professional make the necessary repairs.
  • Inspect all rubber hoses for any signs of cracking.
  • Make sure that your barbecue is positioned at least one meter from any combustible.
  • To eliminate a buildup of any gas in your barbecue always open the lid before you turn it on and light it.
  • Never store propane cylinders inside your home.
  • When buying a new barbecue make sure it meets CSA or ULC certification.
  • Only use your barbecue outdoors.
  • For charcoal grills make sure to only use charcoal briquettes & charcoal lighter fluids that
    are designed for these types of cooking grills.
  • When disposing of ashes, make sure to soak them in metal container filled with water before disposing.

Before You Light Your Gas Grill

  • Make sure that the lid is open to prevent any gas buildup.
  • Never ignite the grill with a match or cigarette lighter.
  • Keep your barbecue away from any combustibles.
  • When not in use make sure that the tank and the grill knobs are both turned off.
  • Never store propane tanks inside your home.

When Transporting Your Propane Tank To Be Refilled

  • Make sure to drive directly to and from the propane refill station.
  • Make sure that your propane tank remains in an upright position at all times.
  • Make sure that your vehicle window is left open so ensure that any fumes are not inhaled.
  • Make sure that your propane tank has a working safety plug.
  • Make sure to never leave a propane tank in an enclosed space such as the trunk of your
  • Never smoke while refilling, reconnecting or transporting the tank.

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